Oh this is so true. You can see the prophecies coming true. My landlord is mad that I am moving out because he won’t get his money. 3 rooms he rents and takes most of our money that even I can’t even afford the basic needs. I believe in righteousness and truth. All shall be revealed and I know I am not perfect either. We all fall short of the Glory of God. And yes I feel like it’s me against the world. Very few people understand this language compared to the many. Most “christians” are in for a surprise. The churches line up with the Governments. The churches do not seem to understand that indeed they are following the Mother harlot. I love my catholic family but of course they won’t listen to me. So no wonder I feel like an outcast. I am not attached to the things of this world. I have a car and and only have enough stuff to load my car and cat. Travel lightly. I have lost so much but it really doesn’t matter. I am physically deaf but not spiritually. Let the deaf hear and the blind see. I can’t wait to be in my new glorified body. I honestly believe the Lord God Almighty has protected me from so many things even when I didn’t deserve it.

Everything will be Alright

Shawn Mullins Lullaby song.

I must say that when things are not quite right in my life I think of this song.  I remember the first time I heard this song.  Since I am deaf but can hear with hearing aids, I rely a lot on closed captions,texting, emailing, lip-reading, and writing.  I speak well though even on the phone but you have to repeat yourself over and over or I beg if you can email or text what you say.  That is my life.  Oh well.

Back to the song.  The first time I heard it I was driving home to Tampa, FL from Michigan during Christmas break.  My daughter was with me.  And it was always my tradition to stop in Tennessee.  Go to Ruby Falls.  It was off I-75 so it was not out of the way.  So after that I would sadly go back home.  But in a hurry too.  And so I heard the song….The only words I got out of it was “Everything is going to be alright Rock-a-bye”.  I felt as though God was talking to me.  Trying to comfort me.  Encourage me to keep going.  

Life certainly was not easy for me at all.  And unfortunately I am very sensitive.  However life has made me strong too.  Although I am an ex-catholic and proudly so, I strongly believed in the 10 commandments.  And I no longer am affiliated with any church, but a very strong believer in God’s Word.  I cannot deny it.  Too many experiences spiritually and researching.  Sometimes I get a little scared or insecure.  Or be a doubting Thomas, but I always felt protected especially as an adult.  

I have made so many mistakes of course as everyone does.  Even had wild and vain imaginations in my own mind.  Someone once told me that I had my own religion.  I am sort of a non conformist mainly within the church walls.  However I try to obey the laws of the land.  Not perfect at that either.  I love rock and roll especially from the 80’s.  I had been homeless 3 different times.  The first time in 1985.    That was a very spiritually weird year for me.  So many dreams, some that came true and others that may yet to come true.  When I am wearing a long white robe, I pay attention.  But the problem was in 1985 was that I was acting out the dreams.  Guess where I ended up?  I dreamt of that place before I got there.  Pontiac State Hospital in Michigan.  So many weird things happened while in there.  But it was real!  Even though the doctors labeled me paranoid Schizophrenic, to this day I know I was not!  I even escaped once from there.  Oh what a crazy year it was for me.  You see  now that I am okay looking back to that time and doing much study I started to really believe in Satan as well.  But after those experiences, when I settled down finally in Tampa, I could not read the bible safely.  I had to leave it alone.  I went to AA on an invite even though I was not an alcoholic.  This was at the end of 1985.  I stopped going for awhile but went back in 1989 after my younger daughter’s father left me.  I was still hungry spiritually so I got involved in New Age for a few years.  The 2nd step says “Came to believe in a Power greater than us “could ” restore us to sanity.”  Didn’t say He would but He could.  I was afraid of the Catholic God and hell.  So I used New Age.  Finally after quite a few years of doing that and other things that went on in my life with my daughter, I tried going back to Catholic church.  My daughter was taking a class at the church and had asked too many questions.  Good for her!  The teacher complained about her and I had a talk with her and I said you know what?  You’re right!  Never went back.  But I was having dreams with scriptures and being dressed in white and I was preaching.  I asked someone in AA about it and he told me that what I said in the dream was in the bible.  And he showed me.  2nd Timothy 3:16.  So I decided to try another church.  A charismatic Methodist church.  I still didn’t know much about the bible but I was given another dream about a scripture in the bible.  Isaiah 43.  But the pastor who was a little stiff and didn’t seem to care about me told me the scripture was in Ezekiel.  Wrong!  So I asked another woman and she told me Isaiah 43.  Right on!  

But as I kept going to that church I felt like I was dying spiritually.  The people would say certain things and I totally didn’t agree.  Oh God will deliver you from Rock and Roll, or smoking, or it’s a sin to have a tattoo.  I told that woman take the log out of your eyes before taking the stick out of mine.  Then the church would pray the apostles creed and I knew it was catholic.  And I wasn’t ready to hear about demons or Satan.  Also I was pretty much sitting all by myself during the Wednesday night suppers.  I felt different from them.  I only had one friend from there who is still my friend today but she doesn’t quite get the real truth.  She would always make a prediction about certain years and it never came to pass.  But she is still my best friend.  And I have another Christian friend who doesn’t quite get it either.  So I just don’t talk much about it.  If God wants to open their eyes and ears He will.  I had nightmares about that church.  So much blood.  One dream a man was covering my ears as to protect me from hearing what the preacher was saying.  

Anyways, I have learned much since getting out of church and AA.  I learned more and more about the bible and the Wolves in Sheep Clothing and Pagan holidays, the truth about 501c3 churches.  The Masonic Temple, Garden Plot, The military, demons, and all kinds of stuff.  Right now I am just another person trying to get by in this world until the Day of our Lord.  I don’t know everything nor do I know when, but things are happening.  But one thing I do know is this; Satan is the great deceiver and has many people doing his will.  And so many christians and others will be marveled and deceived.  It will be so deceptive that even the elect may get deceived.  So I don’t look for signs and miracles anymore.  I just Thank God for protecting and providing for me.  

So everything is going to be alright Rock a Bye, Rock a Bye.  Only the Holy Spirit can draw men to Christ.



The Do Not’s in A Relationship

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2.Never bring up old relationship issues ;that’s like having a spoil taste in your mouth 3.Never talk down to your new lover about your ex; how great they were or how great the love was,your ex-lover is a ex for a reason. 4.Never allow yourself to stay in a violent or abusive relationship ,you were not  born to be someone’s punching bag. Know when to get out after the first punch ,hit, slap, kick, or etc. They usually don’t stop or have a very happy ending. 

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RESCUE: A Ministry for Out of Churchers

I love reading all the comments made here as it touched on a lot of my experiences as well. I noticed one of my comments is above as well. Pam and all my buddy gals, I still feel like you’re the only ones I would be able to really talk to. I miss you all.


RESCUE consists of four ministries: one-on-one deliverance preparation by email, telephone deliverance counseling, deliverance by phone, and group fellowship. RESCUE as group fellowship and training began on Facebook in April 2012 and moved to WordPress in August 2013 .

The RESCUE blog is basically a discussion group, where we use a private forum to share what we are learning on a variety of spiritual topics. It helps each member to begin to uncover many areas where we may have been bound or deceived spiritually by the wiles of the enemy. We post discussion topics, and then everyone chimes in with their thoughts. We learn from each other, mainly as we share how our experiences in dealing with being deceived by the enemy (through religion and the occult) have helped enlighten us, and begin to see how the enemy operates, and how the Holy Spirit has been working to help us…

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Meaning of lostspringstar

Breakdown of lost-spring-star.

Lost.  Since about; well actually for years I have felt lost.  I have never felt that my life here on earth was ever permanent.  As a child I felt as though life was but a dream.  Nothing was real.  When will I wake up from this nightmare?  In fact I still feel lost.  In the bible it talks about wanderers. Strangers in this land.  We are all not like that I realize.  As a child I created in my mind a land of Fairy Tales, where the ending was “And they lived happily ever after”.  I did not like the reality I was living in at the time.  I wanted a Prince Charming to take me away.  And truth be told, I have read many fairy tales while locked up in my bedroom.  And just recently on Netflix I watched all of the first two seasons of “Once Upon a Time”.  It was great!  Right now they are running their 3rd season on ABC.  But I don’t watch TV since I have Netflix why bother.  I can choose what I want to watch.  So I shall wait until this series end on TV and watch it all later.  In some ways the bible is like a fairy tale, only it is true.  And fascinating.  And scary too.  But it has a very happy ending.  Maybe then I won’t be so lost anymore.  As of this writing I am still in limbo.  Waiting for the next move.  Like I said, I never really had a permanent home.  Not in the reality we live in now.  This is not my home.  When I grew up from my childhood, I never did find my Prince Charming.  Been married and divorced 3 times.  And many in between.  All I ever wanted was to be loved and taken care of.  But for me now that is not reality.  Many things have happened in my life.  But it all just made me stronger. 

Spring.  My favorite time of year.  Especially the fact that technically my Birthday is on the first day of spring.  3/21   As a child if I so happened to be locked in my room on my birthday I would look out the window to look for all the sparrows flying around to sing me Happy Birthday.  I carried this tradition with me for years because in truth I was a lonely girl.  Lost in this world.  When will I be loved?  Guess what?  It doesn’t matter anymore.  I am a grown woman now and realize for me it’s best to be alone at this point in my life especially at this time in all of our lives.  With the events that are going on in this world I think it is in my best interest to just get along in this world and not worry about what’s happening.  I am not in charge.  GOD IS!!!  And I am not perfect.  I keep my life as simple as possible.  But the events that have transpired over the last several months has been difficult and painful.  And is probably necessary to strengthen me.  I just keep going.  I am not living in lala land anymore.  Actually I haven’t for quite some time now.  All I need is to have my needs met.  Shelter, clothing, and food.  And of course my cat Isaiah.  I own nothing in this world except my car.  I have no desire to look sexy anymore, so I don’t go out of my way to getting fancy clothes or anything.  I await the day that I shall be changed in a twinkling of an eye as the bible tells us.

Star.  I believe and it is not a fact, but I think we all have our own star in place.  That was how they were able to locate Jesus at the time of His birth.  And it sure wasn’t 12/25.  I think He was born in the Fall around the time of The Feast of Tabernacles.  And every year the date changes.  But we follow the Roman Calendar.  The true calendar time is Jewish.  They go by the moon.  If we were to calculate our birthdays according to the Jewish Calendar it would never be on the same date.  But for the time being I shall cherish 3/21 as my birthday because it has a special meaning to me and again it is not a fact.  At least not that I am aware of.  Only God knows.  Maybe even the Scientists.  I should look into it.  I am talking about the first day of creation.  So in my belief, when we are born, a star is born.  And I believe God can snuff out that star as if you have never existed or brighten your star and live forever.  And again, only God knows.  He can build up and tear down.  If you have a lot of false pride and vanity God is able to knock you down and make you see just how filthy you really are.  And I don’t mean in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense.  I have spent over 3 years in a spiritual dungeon.  What a horrible place to be.  And the only thing that kept me alive during that time was the love of my granddaughter.  

So there you are.  I have given you the meaning in my opinion, lostspringstar.